About Top Shelf

20150501_220432825_iOSTop Shelf Athletics is a youth athletics program specializing in hockey and baseball development.  Our programs are designed to enhance our players current skill level as well as to give players an opportunity to compete with, and against the best players at their respective age levels.  

Our teams are highly competitive and our players have a passion for their sport, the drive to succeed, ability to perform under pressure, self confidence, willingness to learn and a professional attitude.  We believe these attributes will not only help them in sports, but also in their studies, their home life and eventually into their careers.

While every players dream may be to play for their favorite NHL or MLB team, we realize not all will make it.  That does not mean you should not train hard.

With that in mind, Top Shelf Athletics is focused on building athletic teams and programs that promote;

  • Team cohesiveness
  • A positive and respectful learning and development environment
  • Leadership development

The 3 main objectives of Top Shelf Athletics are:

  1. Opportunity

Hard work leads to opportunity.  We want to reward our players by providing an opportunity to build on their individual skills, as well as an opportunity to play on highly competitive teams.

  1. Excitement

Our players competing on the tournament teams will meet new people and compete in tournaments throughout North America.

  1. Fun

The main goal of any activity is to have fun.  If it’s no fun, why would kids do it?

At one point or another, sports have given us all fond memories and have helped create lasting friendships.  At Top Shelf Athletics, we look to build friendships, as our players will come from all over our region.  These areas include, but are not exclusive to:

North Bay, Powassan, Astorville, Callander, Temiskaming Shores, Temiscamingue QC, West Nipissing and the Greater Sudbury area.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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